In times when safety has become one of the topmost issue for both individuals and organizations, the value of security jobs has also soared. As an individual, you can serve as a security personnel in different capacities. There are many types of jobs for security guards in Miami. Each of them needs the issuance of D license as a prerequisite.


Personal security guards are hired for the protection of a certain individual. They move along with the person wherever he goes. The job of personal security guards doesn’t involve a lot of public interaction, but they are required to complete 40 hours of security guard training to get the D license from the Florida Division of Licensing.

For the job of personal security guards, getting training to carry concealed weapon is considered a good add-on. Make sure that you are getting this training from instructors that are certified by the National Rifle Association.


Armed security guards have a more demanding job description. They are responsible for the protection of individuals and properties. They are more commonly in demand in the affluent strata of society that wants armed security guards to gain peace of mind regarding their assets and lives.

If you have interest in doing this type of dedicated job, then first get enrolled in a good security school for the training for unarmed security license. Once you are eligible to get D license, you can move further with training to operate firearms for G license.


From old age homes to housing societies and apartments, residential security guards are responsible for protecting people living there. In residential security plans, unarmed and armed security guards might work collectively to ensure the safety and security of residents of a certain area. Nevertheless, a security license is a must for whichever capacity you are working in as security staff.


This job description covers a wide spectrum of businesses and activities. Companies, hospitals, schools, shopping malls etc all of them are in need of personnel that can take care of their internal and external security. Miami is an international destination of travelers. A lot of national and international corporate companies are operating here. Therefore, there is always a great demand of corporate security jobs.

Register with a security school in Miami to get your D license, if you are interested in the prospects of the job of a corporate security guard.


To ensure the safety of premises of any facility, there is a need of patrolling security guards. Factories, big warehouses, for instance, need personnel who can protect their assets by patrolling all around the building parameters. A D license and concealed weapon training can make you easily eligible for this job. However, exemplary physical fitness is also required if you want to serve as patrolling security personnel.


These security individuals are often responsible for monitoring an activity from the same position and to respond in case of any unusual activity. Usually, they are responsible for monitoring activities through CCTV cameras. Security guard class for D license is quite sufficient for such position. Good presence of mind and attentiveness are important features to serve as security personnel whose job doesn’t involve much movement.

For any of the above-discussed nature of security jobs, our security school can provide you with all the necessary assistance and required training.